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The ultimate goal of Wanhua is to pursue harmonious development between the enterprise and its staff, customers and the community, and to create beautiful life for human beings. While we are pursuing superior economic benefits, we give great priority to “promoting human development, environmental protection and social progress"

In the production & operation, we will pay great attention to the health and safety of our staff, customers, communities and the public, take the responsibility of protecting public environment, and never do any harm to our staff, customers, the public, and environment due to the behavior of ourselves.

We will make use of our resources such as technology, management and brand, etc., to actively take our social responsibility, to develop green chemical industry, and to become a model of responsible corporate citizen.

Health, Safety, and Environment

Since its founding, Wanhua has been making efforts for continuous improvement of its HSE management system, aiming at making an HSE management model in the chemical industry in the world.

Responsible Care

Yantai Wanhua, as a member of International Isocyanate Institute, actively participates in the communication with the Institute, and performs Responsible Care.

Energy and resource conservation

During the course of its development, to create beautiful life for human being has never failed to be the ultimate goal of Wanhua Industrial. Nowadays when the world is critically in short of energy and natural resources, Wanhua, by exerting its own efforts.