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Basic Concept of Responsible Care

Responsible Care® is a voluntary initiative of the global chemical industry in view of the specific development conditions of the industry, which is a management system that serves to continuously improve the health, safety and environmental performance. The basic notion: in the process of production, chemical products manufacturers are responsible for the health and safety of both their own staff and the adjacent communities and the mass, and for protecting the public environment. They should not incur any damage to the employees, the public or the environment due to their own conducts.

History of Responsible Care

After World War II, the chemical industry in the western countries was developed in a way that favored economic benefits at the cost of safety and environmental protection. Chemical catastrophes and events in which agitated habitants around the factories sought for self rescue emerged one after another; complaints were heard everywhere. Chemical manufacturers from different countries were urgently looking for a way out.

In 1984, Canadian Chemical Producers Association (CCPA) took the lead in launching the Responsible Care, who resolved the crisis and won more commercial opportunities as well.

In 1988, The Chemical Manufacturers Association of USA (CMA) officially carried out the Responsible Care regulations.

In 1990, Association of International Chemical Manufacture (AICM) was created by USA, Canada, Japan and some European countries.

In 1991, AICM formulated the essential articles of Responsible Care.

In 2007, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association launched the campaign for promoting "Responsible Care" in Beijing on behalf of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry.

Substance of Responsible Care

It represents a harmonious cooperative relationship between chemical enterprises and the surrounding public and communities. Enterprises have to change their ways of responding to the ideas or suggestions from the communities or the public from passive to active, or they should take voluntary actions.

Responsible Care should be implemented as a whole system in the entire company, and it is an autonomous activity under sustained improvement. It is rather the implement of a concept, than an independent or brand new plan of safety, health and environmental protection that is imposed on the existing system. As far as morality is concerned, all committed companies have a principle, that is, the safety and health of employees are above all; in addition, they also take activity in the work of environmental protection. As far as management is concerned, the concept of “Responsible Care" should also be carried out throughout management, so as to lower the risk level of chemical industry to the minimum.

Efforts of Yantai Wanhua in “Responsible Care"

Yantai Wanhua, as a member of International Isocyanate Institute, actively participates in the communication with the Institute, and performs Responsible Care.

  • 1. In September 2005, Yantai Wanhua signed World Safety Declaration in Orlando, USA, and became the first company in China that signed such a declaration. Yantai Wanhua commits to the world for safety and health.
  • 2. In 2007, Yantai Wanhua was selected by China Petroleum & Chemical Industry Association as one of the first “Responsible Care experimental enterprises" and became a model enterprise of Responsible Care in China petroleum and chemical industry.
  • 3. Yantai Wanhua offers overall safety training to all contractors, and shares safety management experience with them for a long-term win-win partnership.
  • 4. Yantai Wanhua strictly selects carriers with national safety qualification. Yantai Wanhua regularly trains drivers on safety, maps out emergency proposals together with carriers, and equips transportation vehicles with emergency equipment to minimize transportation accidents.
  • 5. Yantai Wanhua owns an experienced sales team to provide customers with presales, sales, and after-sales services. All the products are attached with MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). Yantai Wanhua regularly holds business meetings to communicate with customers about Responsible Care, and answers customers'questions.
  • 6. According to customers'requirements, Yantai Wanhua offers free support and training for health, safety and environmental protection.