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Since its founding, Wanhua has been making efforts for continuous improvement of its HSE management system, aiming at making an HSE management model in the chemical industry in the world.

Health concerns

Staff health is significant to the future development of an enterprise. Wanhua takes staff health index into corporate management.

Wanhua adds "health training" to its training program, brings health assessment into its assessment system, evaluates the mental and physical health status of staff members combining staff self-evaluation, mutual evaluation and their families & friends, adjust their positions in time based on the health assessment results and the requirements of positions.

1. Arrange compulsory health examination for staff members, conduct a survey of the work style, life style family medical history of staff through questionnaire, and establish staff health records.

2. Based on staff health records, perform analysis and evaluation, classify and grade staff members according to their health status, and establish health management system.

3. Based on the analysis of corporate health data, provide suggestions on daily dining, sports and recuperation for staff.

4. Based on staff health grade, establish "health performance" assessment system.

5. Cooperate with related medical treatment or health organizations to provide health information and medical guidance for staff.

6. Try to create a harmonious atmosphere in the work place and reduce mental pressure of staff.