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During the course of its development, to create beautiful life for human being has never failed to be the ultimate goal of Wanhua Industrial. Nowadays when the world is critically in short of energy and natural resources, Wanhua, by exerting its own efforts, developed thermal insulation materials for construction and environmentally-friendly straw-based board, which allows people to save energy and protect environment whilst enjoying their beautiful lives.

A Home Borrows Just a Bit of Freshness from Forests

The ecological system of forests is both the largest ecological system on the land of the Earth, and the most significant ecological system, but human being's excessive deforestation of the forests is devouring the forest resources on the earth.

As a large agricultural country, China is rich in the resource of crop straws, with an annual yield up to 700 million tons. Mixed Wanhua polyurethanes reactive adhesives with crop straws, we can produce “zero-formaldehyde" straw-based particle board as well as man-made woods with super high performances. This solution can not only reduce the rate of deforestation, but also increase the farmers'incomes.

By use of its self-owned technology, Wanhua developed straw-based man-made woods with polyurethanes ecological adhesives, discovered a new way of substituting completely or partially the real woods with straw-based man-made woods, thus to reduce the rate of deforestation and save a large amount of forest resources.

It is possible to realize a 50,000 meters production line of straw-based boards with simply 60,000 tons of straws. If 10% of the crop straw resources out of the 700 million tons of annual output in China are used, it is possible to produce a 58.33 million m3 of man-made boards, which can totally substitute 58.33 million m3 of wooden artificial boards. If 1 m3 of wooden artificial boards consumers 1.5 m3 of woods, 10% of the straw-based boards used in a year can save 87.50 million m3 of woods being felled.

Thanks to You, No More Worry for Having To Balance Between Comfort and Energy -Saving

Construction consumption is the largest field of energy consumption in China, which occupies 27.5% of the total energy consumption of the country. The construction area in China is huge, with an existing area of about 43,000 million square meters, 95% of which are high energy consumption construction. China has listed the energy saving in construction field on the top of the ten energy saving projects. In addition, China plans that by 2020, overall energy saving project will have been implemented in urban constructions, and a goal of saving 351 million tons of standard coals will have been achieved.

Polyurethane rigid foam is the product with the lowest heat conductivity coefficient among the existing construction used insulation products. Wanhua polyurethane rigid foam has a performance of only 0.017~0.023w/m.k(25℃), which is the most ideal thermal insulation materials for construction.

Calculating an individual building with thermal insulation by use of polyurethane rigid foams, we arrived at a result that it is possible to save 65,500 kwh of electricity by use of 1m3 polyurethane in 50 years, thereby saving 60% of energy, while the cost is merely increased by 5%. Assuming that in 2020, 70% of the insulation materials in China employ polyurethane, it is possible to save about 344 million tons of coals per year, which can consequently reduce SO2 expel by 890,000 tons.