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Wanhua—we offer you more than just a job

Wanhua, a globalized enterprise group focused on the business of chemical products, energy-saving building materials and environmental protection plates, has been undertaking the concepts of circular economy and sustainable development throughout its business operations and management, while maintaining a fast growth rate. We are dedicated to being a respectable corporate citizen by making endeavors to create a healthy, safe and friendly environment and by assuming social responsibilities enthusiastically.

Every Wanhua staff, who is actively contributing his or her individual wisdom and efforts to the company, enjoys a strong sense of pride. Together with Wanhua, they are engaged in building better life for the entire human being, and are respected by the whole society for being "Wanhua people".

Wanhua cherishes its employees. Under the notion that employees are the most significant strategic resource for corporate development, Wanhua offers its employees not only with complete social security, good working environment, and harmonious working atmosphere, but also with training opportunities and complete career planning.

Complete Social Security

In accordance with local labor and social security system, Wanhua pays endowment insurance, medical care insurance, unemployment insurance, occupational injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing fund for all its employees.

The company also provides its employees with a series of fringe benefits such as relocation housing and holiday subsidies, relieving them from the troubles back at home.

Good Working Environment

In the principle of combining humanistic management with scientific management, Wanhua offers its employees with all-round labor protection measures in strict compliance with the related requirements in the ILO Convention Concerning Occupational Safety and Health and the Working Environment, saving no effort to provide a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment for its employees.

Harmonious Working Environment:

Wanhua believes that “pleasant working atmosphere guarantees well completion of work"

Wanhua has built up a platform through which employees can communicate freely, frankly and equally. In addition, the company is making efforts to create a harmonious working environment where co-workers get along well and appreciate each other, demonstrate high spirit of teamwork, work cooperatively to achieve job targets, and realize life values together in work.

Combining Training with Guidance:

Wanhua carries out assessments to its employees in terms of knowledge, skills and competencies, and formulates individual training plan for each of them based on individual differences; meantime, the company also provides a wide range of training recourses to assist employees to improve their competencies and professional levels.