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Wanhua -- A Company to Realize Your Ambitions

Wanhua regards HR as its most important strategic resources. During its development, it keeps optimizing the talent structure and improving the comprehensive quality of its staff members, and establishes an excellent talent team to realize the aim of its strategic development. Wanhua needs talents in such fields as management, marketing, technology and production. Wanhua inspires talents with sincere concepts and lofty cause, attracts talents through various channels, offers talents the best platform to assist them in the achievements of career, and rewards talents with the most competitive salary in the same industry.

HR -- The Most Important Strategic Resources of Wanhua

Everyone has a great potential and the key is to tap his or her own potential to the upper limit and turn it into outstanding achievements. Wanhua calls for innovative thinking and pursuing excellence, encourages its staff members to set challenging aims for themselves, to keep improving and surpassing themselves, and to further realize the maximization of personal and corporate value.

At present, Wanhua has gathered a vigorous high quality talents team with different specialties, experiences and backgrounds, and their advantages