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  • Wanhua Chemical Successfully Launched the First Phase PC Equipment
  • 2018-02-01
  • Lately, Wanhua Chemical successfully launched its first phase 70kt/a polycarbonate (PC) equipment at Yantai Industrial Park, after more than ten years of independent research and development. Once available, the high quality Clarnate? PC from Wanhua continuous industrial line, has won extensive market recognition. Strategic partnership agreements of 2018 have been signed with key accounts domestically and internationally.

    The self-invented phosgenation interfacial polycondensation technology represents a good heritage of Wanhua constant pursuit of high standards and continuous innovation.

    The new polycarbonate products have three outstanding advantages:

    1、Excellent process stability and fully automatic operation, to ensure a little molecular weight fluctuation (±2%)
    2、Innovative polymerization reaction technology, to guarantee a low percentage of residue and a high endcapping (>97%)
    3、Initiative low temperature devolatilization technology, to shun the process of high temperature treatment prior to PC extrusion (<145℃)

    Wanhua industrial Clarnate? PC mainly includes A1107, A1105, 2100 etc. The 2100 in the feature of a powder form is recommended as a good matrix candidate of high-end PC alloy for compounding manufacturers.