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  • Wanhua N.A Technical Center Put Into operation
  • 2017-04-01
  • March 29th 2017 CDT, Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. officially announced Wanhua N.A Technical Center put into operation.

    Based in Yantai Shandong Province PR China, Wanhua Chemical is the largest and most competitive MDI producer and leading supplier in ADI market. Since the sales company established in Philadelphia in 2006, Wanhua constantly adhere the concept of “Customer First” and “Customer orientation”, lead the market share in stepped and solid increase. Wanhua has become a major and leading supplier in N.A urethane and CASE industry.

    In order to better serve and demonstrate its commitment to local customer, Wanhua launched the N.A. Technical center project in parallel with the 400kt MDI manufacturing project in 2013. This tech center is positioned as regional customer service base and will be utilized primarily for local customers’ troubleshooting, recipe adjustment and sample property analysis. At the meantime, Wanhua will take the advantage of U.S abundant talent and research resource, explore the potential talent training, joint research collaboration with local academic and research institutes.

    Wanhua invited more than 80 persons from MDI and ADI key partners, local stakeholders to participate this opening ceremony on March 29th 2017. During the ceremony, Mr. Gil Staley, the CEO of The Woodlands Economic Development partnership, express his welcome to Wanhua to join the community and willing to communicate more cooperation regarding contribute to local community.

    The SVP&CTO of Wanhua, Dr. Weiqi (Carl) Hua, gave a short speech about Wanhua’s milestone, global presence and future development strategy and emphasized Wanhua has deployed solid R&D resource worldwide and this tech center will be a significant footprint for Wanhua to achieve its ambitious goal in U.S. Wanhua will keep move forward its 400kt MDI production project and target to put into operation by the end of 2020. Dr. Howard Ding and Jacob Sturgeon, the heads of Performance Chemical BU and N.A. sales company, express they appreciation to the customer’s constant support respectively and look forward to co-development and co-growth with them.