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As a hi-tech enterprise, Wanhua holds that innovation is the basis of success and the power supporting consistent development of Wanhua. After continuous technical innovation, Wanhua has gradually cultivated technical core competitiveness in eight aspects, which supplies a solid technical support for the consistent quick development of Wanhua.

Innovating for better life

Innovating for better life

Our slogan ”A Wonderful life starts with PU" underscores Wanhhua’s willingness as an inventor company to help shape the future and our determination to come up with innovations that benefit humankind. We help our customers to be more successful through intelligent system solutions and high-quality products. For instance, Isocyanate and polyurethane products manufactured by Wanhua have already been widely applied in various fields.We also purposefully nourrished two main PU downstream industies, EnergySav material and Ecoboard ,which superially support our MDI sales performance and provide our customers with energy-saving and environmentally friendly buildings and household materials.


Through new technologies we can tap into additional market opportunities. We conduct our business in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

Innovation Institutions

As the only enterprise technical center certified by the country in Chinese polyurethane industry and one of the first group of 100 state-level enterprise R&D centers, Wanhua Technology Center boasts the first class research facilities, several world leading labs and self-developed world leading pilot test platforms. Wanhua Technology Center owns six R&D institutions, namely Beijing Wanhua Research Institute, R&D Department, Engineering Development Department, TPU R&D Center, Shanghai Wanhua Enterprise Technical Service Center, and Wanhua US R&D Co., Ltd.

Innovate with us

Wanhua supports R&D staff in innovation with favorable wages and world leading R&D facilities. Wanhua provides R&D staff with internationally competitive wages and excellent working environment. With the establishment of a special class of positions and wage system for R&D staff, Wanhua gives sufficient growing space of ranks and wages for R&D staff. Wanhua Technology Center is a world leading R&D center where Wanhua’s R&D staff can carry out innovation research for better life.