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 Wanhua Industrial Group Co., Ltd (or WIG as below) was established in Oct, 2001. WIG is a global investment company with holding the ownership of its four subsidaries. Following its strategic intregration ambitions and visions,WIG are making further development in five segments out of its upsteam and downstream industries based on its core MDI and relevant PU business: petro-and–coal chemicals, MDI and PU derivatives, construction energy-saving materials, agricultural strawboard and intra-group financing platform.


As a global chemical group with its awareness of its social responsibility, WIG is constantly building up a set of green chemcial chains with high added value and great sustainability. Meanwhile, WIG is on its way of becoming a leading holding company with a global version and practice, which specialized in R&D, production and marketing of the PU industry and its correlated upstream and downstream segments.



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