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  • Wanhua Chemical Group won the Supplier Performance Award by Henkel Adhesive Technologies
  • 2016-11-01
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    In recognition of the efforts to improve the overall supply chain, Wanhua Chemical Group Co., LTD. won the Supplier Performance Award by Henkel Adhesive Technologies.
    “A key factor for success for Henkel Adhesive Technologies is close collaboration with strategic suppliers.” explained Mike Olosky, Corporate Senior Vice President and Global Head of Innovation and New Business Development at Henkel Adhesive Technologies, “The close and trustful collaboration with our partners allows us to incorporate our requirements at a very early stage in the development process, and meet the specific needs of our customers in the best possible way.”
    In 2016, Wanhua delivered an excellent service level performance and outstanding overall value thanks to a dedicated and professional team. Wanhua proactively increased the supply performance by improving the logistic process, enhancing the cost competitiveness and providing the full support in volume and service for Henkel.
    As a global player in chemical new material, Wanhua insisted on guiding by customers’ needs, technological innovation and establishing professional technical service team. Relied on core technology of continuous innovation, world-class industrial device and efficient business model, each department of Wanhua cooperated closely and guaranteed the stable supply of MDI, TDI, Waterborne polyurethane, etc. and provided overall service and support for strategic customers in Europe, Asia and other area.
    Wanhua is one of the main raw material suppliers in adhesive industry. We can provide stable chemical raw materials as well as customized solutions for customers. Our products involved industry, architecture, vehicle, etc. so as to create more value for customers.