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  • Wanhua Chemical Group wins “Excellent supplier” award from PPG Industry
  • 2016-07-11
  • The Wanhua Chemical Group, a global leader in the production and sales of Polyurethanes and Petrochemicals, has received the “Excellent supplier for 2015” award from PPG Industry. The award ceremony was held in Pittsburgh, the headquarters of PPG industry group. Dr. Hua, the senior vice president of Wanhua Chemical Group, accepted the trophy on behalf of Wanhua Chemical Group. 

    On an annual basis, PPG purchases more than $7.5 billion in goods and services globally from thousands of suppliers. The company’s criteria for Excellent Supplier Awards include quality, commercial value, delivery, documentation, innovation, responsiveness, sustainability and participation in PPG''s Supplier Added Value Effort (SAVE) program.
    “Wanhua Chemical Group served PPG exceptionally in 2015, with outstanding products, services, innovation and overall value,” said Radhika Batra, PPG vice president, corporate purchasing and logistics. “We are happy to recognize Wanhua’s efforts with its award.”
     “We are very pleased to receive the excellent supplier award from PPG.” Said Carl Hua, senior vice president of Wanhua Chemical Group. “Right now, Wanhua Chemical Group supplies a wide range of raw materials including MDI, HDI and environmentally friendly resins to PPG’s production sites around the world. Wanhua Chemical Group considers PPG as our long-term strategic business partner. Wanhua Chemical Group is committed to supplying high quality products and technical service to customers. We also would like to develop more customized raw material to satisfy the increasing customer demands and create more added value to PPG. “
    About Wanhua Chemical Group 
    Wanhua Chemical Group is a world-class global player in polyurethanes. Now, Wanhua Chemical Group could supply a wide range of coatings raw material such as isocyanate monomer including MDI, HDI, HMDI and IPDI, Coating curing agents (TDI and HDI based), PUD, waterborne acrylic emulsion and so on. Wanhua Chemical Group also extend its business to polyols, specialty amines, thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) and petrochemicals. Currently, Wanhua Chemical Group owns five global integrated production sites and the products are marketed worldwide. Relying on its convenient raw material supply, industry integration and superior operation management, Wanhua Chemical Group will focus on coatings raw material business and provide more high performance products and solutions to our customers.