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  • The Vice President of Wanhua Chemical-Mr. Michael Chen Attended the Second United Nations Environmental Assembly
  • 2016-05-25
  • The second United Nations Environmental Assembly (UNEA-2) was held recently in Nairobi, Kenya, on 23 May, 2016. Delegates from more than 193 countries attended this conference to discuss the potential role of sustainable chemistry in relation to the achievement of the 2030 goals.

    During the high level ministerial forum and meetings, delegates presented many technical papers related to global environment. Wanhua Chemical was invited to this conference as a panelist and as a representative from developing countries with a topic of “Advancing Sustainable Chemistry in a sustainable development Context: opportunities for Global, Regional and National Chemicals management context.

    About 100 invitees attended this summit and reputable speakers included Miss Maria Krautzberger-Chief of Germany''s Federal Environmental Protection Bureau, Mr. Daniel S. Amlalo- Executive Director of Ghana Environmental Protection Bureau, Mr. Achim Halpaap-Chief of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Chemicals and Pollution Administration as well as senior representatives of other countries.

    Mr. Michael Chen introduced Wanhua’s business scope and HSE Management System. As a responsible chemical manufacturer, Wanhua is seriously committed to the improvement of sustainable development of chemical industry, in regards to the protection of its employees, its stakeholders and the community, Wanhua holds it as a sacred duty.

    Moreover, the environmental protection, as a key element of HSE system, has high-level Three Zero target which means zero injuries, zero Accidents and zero emission.

    Mr. Michael Chen further explained the background concept of Zero Emission at Wanhua and shared the mandated Three “No”s which means there should not be any leakages, odor or noise. Mr. Chen then also spoke on the best practices in the field of wastewater treatment, solid waste management and waste gas collection.  His speech won great applause from the dignitaries.

    Mr. Chen answered that “it’s our responsibility”, when the moderator raised a question on “what is the driving force of environmental protection”.He also emphasized that sustainable development is the only choice for chemical industries’ future growth and advocated that all parties including government bodies should make efforts to implement realistic sustainable development goals for chemical industries without compromising economic development. Finally, he ended his presentation with a catchphrase: “Wanhua wants to be a doer, not just a commentator”.