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  • In the afternoon of June 24, the announcement ceremony of CCTV 2005 Most Valuable Public-listed...
  • 2009-01-16
  •     In the afternoon of June 24, the announcement ceremony of CCTV 2005 Most Valuable Public-listed Companies of China was held in Beijing Xinyuan Hotel.

         Sponsored by China Securities of CCTV2 and co-organized by TX Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., Research Center of Corporate Governance of Nankai University and Invest Today Financial Information Co., Ltd., the selection aims at locating the most valuable public-listed companies of the year in China.
         The selection started in early April this year and 50 nominated companies were announced by CCTV on May 10. More than one month later, based on the votes from the judges’ panel and given various financial indices of the listed companies, one major award: 2005 Most Valuable Public-listed Companies of China (for 10 companies) and three minor awards: 1) Best Return of Investment (for 5 companies); 2) Greatest Growth Company (for 5 companies) and Best Governance Company (for 5 companies) came out finally.
         The minor awards were selected among 50 nominated companies on the basis of their average dividend yield, PBT growth rate and company governance in the last 3 years separately.
         Zhou Zhengqing, standing member of the NPC and associate commissioner of FEB, Nie Qingping, the vice chairman of Securities Association of China, and Guo Zhenxi, director of CCTV2, attended the announcement ceremony to present the prize and give speeches at the ceremony.

    Major Awards: Most Valuable Public-listed Company
    No. Name
    1 G Zhaohang (China Merchants Bank) 600036
    2 G Moutai (Guizhou Moutai) 600519
    3 G Wanke A (Vanke A) 000002
    4 Sinopec 600028
    5 G Baogang (Baoshan Iron & Steel) 600019
    6 G Haigong (Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd.) 600583
    7 G Zhongji (China International Marine Containers) 000039
    8 G Changdian (China Yangtze Power) 600900
    9 G Wanhua (Yantai Wanhua Polyurethanes Co., Ltd.) 600309
    10 G Zhenhua (Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co., Ltd.) 600320

    10 Most Valuable Public-listed Companies are on stage to get their prizes

    Best Return of Investment
    No. Name
    1 G Tanggang (Tangshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.) 000709
    2 G Shougang (Beijing Shougang Co., Ltd.) 000959
    3 G Shenhuo (Henan Shen Huo Coal Industry and Electricity Power Co., Ltd.) 000933
    4 G Zhuguan (Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., Ltd.) 000778
    5 G Jigang (Jinan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.) 600022

    Greatest Growth Company

    No. Name
    1 Dongfang Boiler Group Co., Ltd. 600786
    2 G Jiangtong (Jiangxi Copper Co., Ltd.) 600362
    3 G Dongdian (Dong Fang Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd.) 600875
    4 G Xiye (Yunnan Tin Co., Ltd.) 000960
    5 G Xinan (Zhejiang Xinan Chemical Industrial Group Co., Ltd.) 600596

    Best Governance Company

    No. Name
    1 G Zhongyuan (Cosco Shipping Co., Ltd.) 600482
    2 G Shenneng (Shenergy Co., Ltd.) 600642
    3 G Wugang (Wuhan Iron and Steel Company Limited) 600005
    4 Shandong Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. 600205
    5 G Heli (AnHui Heli Co., Ltd.) 600761